Weekend Feast

I still can’t believe we missed our flight on Saturday morning. We stayed up way too late Friday night so I promised Ricardo no more 6:50 am flights! We managed to get on the 1:30 pm flight into Oakland and finally made our way over to Pleasanton.

Katy and Dan were hosting a little get together and we had such a wonderful time mingling with good friends and the groom to be. We stayed up late into the night and this was only the beginning of a weekend feast. I’ve misplaced my camera charger while moving, so I hope you can make do with some pretty images from around the web that will help tell my hectic weekend story. If you have any photos from our visit…I’d love to see them so please send them my way!

Ricardo made his ceviche style shrimp cocktail at Katy’s:

click on image for source

Katy made an assortment of delicious dishes, but my favorite was the smoked salmon with brie:

click on image for source

And then we stayed up late smoking cigars to celebrate this lovely + newly engaged couple:

click on image for source

We woke up the next morning at Derek + Diem’s, but since Derek was in the wedding party…he was practically MIA the entire day and his amazing wife cooked up a storm for us. She made the most delicious Sweet Potato Shrimp Fritter Lettuce Wraps with all the extra fixin’s:

click on image for link source

Ricardo grilled up burgers in the backyard:

click on image for source

We even had a late night bowl of Vietnamese style noodles after the wedding:

click on image for source

There was definitely no shortage of munchies wherever we were at. Diem’s a top notch cook and I’m completely impressed that she didn’t use any recipes and pretty much cooks with love and memory from watching her Grandma in the kitchen when she was younger. My dad would be so proud of her! I promised Ricardo I would try cooking more Vietnamese dishes, but no promises if it would measure up to Diem’s cooking.

More to come ahead…


One thought on “Weekend Feast

  1. meg says:

    I always love food posts! Come back soon!

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