Documenting a Photowalk…

When Diep contacted me to help her with something fun and creative for my friend Tim…I was so excited to help! She had this genius idea about taking him on a photo walk for their anniversary and his new found love of photography. This was a great excuse for him to use his camera and take photos of all their favorite places together that would eventually go into an album. They’re always doing something fun so I wanted to create a tag that was a little more versatile…not only for this special occasion, but for trips and other weekend outings too. I came up with a tag to document their tasty travels, excursions, museum visits, concerts, holidays, and other fun events they would do together.

I left a few wish tags for my friend Megan Tsang to photograph and she took some oh so pretty snapshots of what I ended up with. I’m completely in LOVE with these tags…I think they’re my favorite! I was a little nervous about the heavy ink coverage for the skyline, but my little print machine didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to see where they go on these little adventures…

*thanks again megan for the fabulous fotos!


One thought on “Documenting a Photowalk…

  1. diep says:

    we’ve been so bad with starting our adventures but you’ve inspired us with this post. so we are doing a mini session in los gatos this weekend and I will have tim send you the results 🙂

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