Bar Stools are Cool…

Last night was a nightmare. We went back to our old apartment to do one last vacuum and pick some things up when we realized the electricity had been turned off on the 1st. With no power, we had no lights or voltage and tried to make the best of a bad situation. But I digress…

We have a breakfast bar and I’m not sure how often we would sit there and eat, but I thought the very least I could do was pick up some bar stools. I searched high and low, but I just couldn’t justify spending $100 on a bar stool.  The hubby suggested we try looking on craigslist.

I found a listing for a cute pair of bar stools and I thought for sure it had already been sold, but I sent the seller a message anyway and crossed my toes. Lucky me…they were still available. I did a double take to make sure there wasn’t an extra zero on the ad and my screen wasn’t playing Jedi mind tricks on me!

They’re a little short so maybe I’ll add a seat cushion, but they definitely work for the breakfast bar. I’m contemplating about giving them some color, but they’re actually kind of cute just white. And then I came across these bar stools on the Pottery Barn website!!

Who knew? I pretended to check out since they’re only available on the internet…and shipping was astronomical!

Who would possibly pay that much for bar stools?? Yikes! Fun finds like these make me happy and my week is coming to a splendid end.  We’re heading up to the Bay Area tomorrow  for a Labor Day Wedding Weekend! I’ll meet my new niece for the first time and see some old friends I haven’t seen in a long while. Things can’t get much better…Happy Weekend All!


2 thoughts on “Bar Stools are Cool…

  1. MELI.MEL says:

    How funny! I just got 2 bar stools off of Craigslist for $40 – turns out, they were too short! Next time I’m def going to measure the bar first! Haha. Good luck with home decorating!

  2. aLi. says:

    I really love these stools here –

    They are knock off Tolix stools! Great score on the Pottery Barn ones, Ange!

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