Off to the Rockies…

Hi Everyone! We’re off to Aspen, Colorado to get away for a few days. We closed our eyes and randomly pointed our finger on a map and actually ended up in Farmington, New Mexico…then we realized the game wasn’t working out in our favor.

We were so super close to booking Vancouver after hearing from most of our friends about how wonderful and beautiful it was. And then…we learned something new that made my toes tingle. My dad has an amazing associate rate from his hotel and I just found out it’s also available for immediate family members. I thought it was only for the hotel we stay at in San Jose when visiting because who wants to vacation there? BUT it’s true…a 4 star resort stay will set us back $25/night in a one bedroom suite that usually go for $250/night.  Life is so sweet!

I’m excited for Aspen…but I’m even more excited about these other hotels:

Dolce Sitges – Barcelona Area | Spain

Dolce Chantilly – Paris Area | France

Dolce Frégate Provence – Marseille Area | France

Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim – Germany

Dolce La Hulpe Brussels – Belgium

Ricardo and I are a little more determined to visit Europe next year or at least before my dad retires. There aren’t many Dolce properties since they’re not a major chain, but they’re beautifully designed and well worth the trek across the pond. A girl can dream, can’t she?


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