Spray Paint + Gocco Projects

I picked this table up a few months ago at a Hollywood Set Lot Sale. This workbench is actually off the set of a show called Rita Rocks. I have no idea where Ric finds these fun events, but it was basically a lot sale of props used in set designs. I’ve been meaning to paint over this forest green for quite some time and finally had the energy to do it these past few days. It probably needs one more coat, but for now it will do. I haven’t decided what its primary function will be yet, but I’m thinking maybe a packing + shipping table?

This little wine case holds all my gocco inks:

Some days I want to quit my job and be an etsy seller full time. Other days, I want to just quit my etsy shop. And every once in a while I want to quit both jobs and hang out with Ric all day, but he tells me that would be impossible because he would definitely have to work if I didn’t so I would be on the losing end of the stick. So true.

I stayed up late last night to finish up some orders before taking off for our mini vacation when I realized all my orders were asking for the same ink color…hmm…must be a popular color for weddings this season:

The office still needs a ton of work, but I’m definitely enjoying the extra space. I have so many more fun projects to share with you so maybe I’ll try to post a few up next week. I’m  particularly excited for a project I’m working on for a bride getting married in Napa this year…stay tune for updates.


One thought on “Spray Paint + Gocco Projects

  1. meg says:

    it looks good in white!

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