Happy Engagement | Ada + Dan

Congratulations to my dear friends Ada + Dan! I was wondering when this boy was going to pop the question and of course I knew he would do it in style and utter romance. Who else would propose at the Trevi Fountain in Rome? I can’t wait to hear the details and all about their wedding plans! I know Dan must have some wonderful ideas in that crazy head of his.

Ada + Dan are truly PERFECT for each other. Dan is the best…he’s always optimistic and I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do. He has the most wonderful outlook on life and is someone you can always count on. There’s only person I know that can keep up with his around the clock high energy and I’m so glad he’s found her. Not only will Ada have to listen to Dan’s crazy travel stories, but will probably experience them first hand now for the rest of her life. They’re the perfect match!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Engagement | Ada + Dan

  1. Ada says:

    Aw……. Thanks Ang!! We love ya too! Can’t wait to see you and Ricardo 2 weeks from now =)

  2. jenny smith says:

    ya know what this means! [wink wink].

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