Quest for the Perfect Couch

On a lunch date outing one weekend to Father’s Office, we came across H.D. Buttercup…an old bakery warehouse that now houses vintage and unique finds from furniture to home decor. It’s a great place for inspiration and I can literally roam around here for hours. We went back this past weekend for their twice yearly sale and I had to snap some photos…I love every pillow in this canoe.

Aren’t these twin beds so charming? They make me want to open up a bed and breakfast or have twin girls!  I’ll take either one, but if I have twin girls…I will also get them these cute plushies handmade in Kenya.

We were on a sofa hunt and learned so much throughout the process. We’ve actually been sofa hunting all week long. Ricardo is all about the comfort. I’m 50% comfort and 50% design. After sitting on dozens of couches, our quads were starting to ache and the hubby was growing tired from the many warehouses we were visiting. After testing every cushion and foam known to mankind, our bums LOVED the down feathers with 1.8 density foam cushions and we HAD to have the chaise…no preference if it was a sectional or separate piece.

We’re mostly homebodies and home should be comfortable, don’t you think? We didn’t end up ordering our couch from H.D. Buttercup, but we did find one we both loved. I think I’ll never feel comfortable buying furniture, so thankfully we don’t have to buy a couch ever year. The hardest part was definitely picking out the darn upholstery, so hopefully we made the right choice. I promise to snap some photos once it arrives :). Another item checked off the list.


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