Anniversary Weekend!

What a weekend…Friday night was AMAZING! I had no idea where Ric was taking me and after changing into something casual, we arrived in LA for dinner and he finally told me where we were going. I’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl before and have been wanting to see the LA Philharmonic for awhile so this was a perfect combination.

Harry Connick Jr. was funny, charming, and a great entertainer. He told little stories on the side that made everyone laugh. He started with singing “The Way You Look Tonight” and other favorites like “It Had to Be You” and a beautiful version of Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life.” We are definitely NOT concert peeps…in fact, this is the first concert we’ve ever been together, but the Hollywood Bowl is a beautiful outdoor venue and we had such a lovely time!

Since we celebrated early…we didn’t have much planned for our actual anniversary yesterday. Becca + Scott were so kind and thoughtful…they gave us a break from packing and gifted us with tickets for a brunch cruise around the harbor in Long Beach. The weather was warm and the relaxing cruise was just what we needed.


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