Cooking Class + Making Couple Friends…

I forgot to tell you about my cooking class last Friday! First, I took Ric out for a beer to get him relaxed for the evening. The instructor was so much fun and she taught us some knife skills before we started. We were split into teams and she paired us up with another lovely couple. They were filled with lots of enthusiasm and maybe that made Ric nervous. He thought it was completely ridiculous that 4 people were huddled around the food processor and was being a bit of a sour puss. When it was time to get the ribs going on the grill…he was practically BFF’s with his new friend and me and the girlfriend were having a great time too making jalapeno cheddar cornbread.

I have to admit…making couple friends are hard. I liked this article from MSN:

“Finding decent couple friends has much more room for error. You have to like both of them, and they have to like both of you. The chances of connecting on all cylinders are slim.”

We have a few couple friends that don’t quite jive and then there are other couple friends who are really fun to hang out with. By the end of the night…we all exchanged emails and Ricardo’s new BFF asked him if he was a Lakers fan? It turns out his new friend has box suite tickets at the Staples Center for the entire season. Just his luck…


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