Navarro Family Vacations

The funny thing about family vacations is that Ricardo and I never took any growing up. We did day outings and such, but we never took vacations. My dad sent us to summer school every year until I started working in high school. And if it wasn’t school, he would put me in classes like piano and ice skating, etc. Ricardo on the other hand spent his summers in Mexico playing in dirt on the hillsides and on his grandparents ranch with horses, goats, and chickens.

We’ve thought about taking some type of family vacation since we’re all grown up now. The coordination alone makes me feel uneasy with so many different types of personalities to deal with, but we’re still hoping to take one soon. As we were driving up to SLO, Ric tells me…”I have a secret to tell you. The only vacation Mexican families take are the ones to Mexico.” What about the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore I asked? Nope…they only go to Mexico.

We didn’t know each other that long, but our first trip together was to Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta in 2005. Go figure. So as an homage to Mexico, this post is dedicated to the future of Navarro family vacations. Maybe we’ll be back soon…

Teotihuacan, Mexico

posed by the sweetest filipino ladies who made us take this photo

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

i love this photo...ricardo probably hates it


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