A Cooking Class – Yummy!

Have you heard of Groupon? It’s so AWESOME! Every day, I get an alert for one special promo in Orange County and LA. They team up with all types of different businesses and offer heavily discounted products/services. Ricardo and I have been wanting to take a cooking class FOREVER, but they’re expensive and we’re always unsure if it’s worth it. Yesterday morning, I received an alert for a cooking class at PREP in Seal Beach.

image from yelp.com

I quickly bought 2 vouchers for $35 each and called them after I received my email confirmation. The class we wanted only had one spot left, but they were nice to accommodate the two of us last minute. Tonight, we  will learn how to make delicious ribs! Yummy…I’ll keep you updated on how they turn out.

Menu | Ribs: Sticky, Sweet and Saucy

Brown Sugar and Chipotle Baby Back Ribs
Spareribs with Asian BBQ Sauce
Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
BBQ Baked Beans


One thought on “A Cooking Class – Yummy!

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