Joys of Apartment Hunting

We spent last Saturday morning apartment hunting thinking it was going to be a breeze, but we couldn’t be more wrong. It was exhausting…and we realized there’s no such thing as perfect. We aren’t living in a perfect place so I have no idea why we were so optimistic. After scouring the neighborhood, visiting the stinky cat house, and meeting a lady who told us “the hood is 3 blocks away, but never comes up to our house”…we were pooped.

As I perused craigslist Monday morning, I came across a pretty nice ad. Everything seemed ideal…it was spacious, still close to the ocean, and most importantly…in our budget. I called the owner and he was extremely nice and friendly. We stopped by that day and the current tenants were gracious enough to show us the place. She was sad to leave since it’s such a great deal, but will be attending UCLA in the fall and Long Beach would be quite the commute. We applied Tuesday and the owner waived our application fee because he forgot to mention a small detail on the ad, and by Tuesday night…we were approved. Hmm…that was fast! I wish job hunting was that easy. We accepted it on Wednesday and tada…in just a few short weeks, we’ll be moving into this spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. Ahh…I already feel like I have room to breathe.

Don’t let that little garage trick you…it’s actually a 14 car garage. It’s an 8 unit building with 4 units on the second floor and 4 on the third. Any architect in my office will probably kill me if they saw my layout. The scale is probably all wrong, but this will help me decide where furniture will go 🙂

I desperately need my friend Jasmin to design our office space. I’m definitely painting…even though Ricardo thinks the walls are just fine as they are. Boys…what do they know about paint!? Our office library has tons of paint chips so I’m off to find the perfect color…aren’t paint chip names the greatest?

*Jas…it’s meant to be! Do you see the name of that top green paint chip?


2 thoughts on “Joys of Apartment Hunting

  1. meg says:

    good gracious. it’s so cute!! and you must indeed get Jas to help you decorate. she’s got such a good eye for it!

  2. Jasmin says:

    Wow I love the new place! It seems like such a big apartment. I’d love to help! Keep me updated. YAY! =D I love Sprout (even as a color)

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