Sticking Together…

When Ric and I were out on our walk last night…we pointed out all the houses we love so much in our neighborhood. I picked a small bungalow with a cute front porch and swing bench like the photo below. This is high on my priority list 🙂

Ricardo takes my hand and tells me, “I’m working on it mama.” It was simply sweet and unexpected, I almost cried. We’re in no rush to buy a house and until then…we’d like to travel more,  enjoy being married, etc.  I just like that he thinks about those things too.

After Ric graduated…I had a BIG desire to move back up north. I even interviewed a few weeks ago in San Francisco thinking this would be our next BIG adventure. I’ve yet to hear back, but a part of me hopes that I don’t hear back at all. Don’t get me wrong, I would love the job and the move, but some big things are happening at the hubby’s company and the opportunities would be hard to pass up. We actually really love southern california so the thought of sticking around isn’t such a bad idea.

I know we have so many family + friends up north so thankfully they’re only a puddle jump away. We are beyond blessed with what we have, especially each other. We’re a team and no matter the circumstance…we stick together. Now that we’re not leaving…what’s next on the agenda? Hmm…a bigger place would be nice and maybe somewhere that’s pet friendly?


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