Baby and Baby Shower in the Bay Area

Ricardo and I flew up to the bay area this past weekend. We only spent one night in San Jose, but good golly it felt more like 4 days. We went from Oakland > San Francisco > San Jose > Los Gatos > Dublin > Oakland.

We spent Saturday morning in the city and then spent the rest of the evening with Joel + Jasmin and Tim + Diep. Sophia is the happiest baby ever. She’s cute and so sweet…and a part of me wanted to kidnap her. Here she is at 6 months:

click on image for link

Ricardo and I are still suprised that both Joel + Jasmin’s parents have facebook accounts. We feel a little left out being non-facebookers, but we’re both not quite sold on the idea just yet. Around dinner time, we decided to look up the Mogo truck and lo and behold…Diep found them coming to our neighborhood. We’ve been meaning to try this Korean Taco Kraze lately and I have to admit…it was pretty tasty.

click on image for link

After a long day…Ricardo and I went back to our hotel at the Dolce Hayes Mansion. It’s true…we stay here for $25/night and we love every minute of it.

The very next day, I took Ricardo to Los Gatos for breakfast. I’ve always LOVED Los Gatos and Ricardo was wondering why it took me so long to take him there because he was really LOVIN’ it. There was a farmers’ market going on and everyone was out and about for some type of Jungle Run. The town is nestled in between the most beautiful area and it can make it seem like you’re so far away. From there, we picked up my pops and headed over to Dublin for the Baby Shower BBQ. I’m sure my brother will post photos from the shower on his facebook soon, but until then…I had to steal one from another event.

I’m really excited to be an aunt! I can’t wait to meet my little niece and Anh + Eachan are loved by such a large group of friends and family…it’s kind of hard to find my place in between everyone they know. We just know we’re going to “spoil her silly,” as how Ricardo puts it. She is due one month from today and we anxiously await for her arrival…

stolen from facebook


One thought on “Baby and Baby Shower in the Bay Area

  1. meg says:

    wow! how’d you snag that place for $25 a night?!

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