A New, but Old Schwinny

Remember last year when some jerk face stole my bike right off our front porch? I still don’t know who took it, but last Sunday…I received a very nice surprise.

Becca’s dad is an avid cyclists. He’s even cycled with Lance Armstrong’s team in the Mountain Alps of Italy so I’m talking the real deal here peeps. For some crazy reason…Becca started collecting bikes when we were in college and before you knew it…she was a little of out control. We would ride her tandem to class together and people would get such a kick out of it. We were also very happening chicks (you probably won’t get the pun unless you lived in SLO…ahh good times.) There was even a documentary made about it…(p.s. I want this poster)

When she moved to Portland, her dad stored all her bikes in his warehouse at work. She held onto a few, probably let go of a few as well, but there was one left that she decoupaged the heck out of it. She was down here last weekend for Father’s Day and came by to drop it off since I never replaced my bike.

Let’s be honest…it’s not pretty, but she did give me free reign to do whatever I want to it. For now…I will let it be because I will love it regardless of how it looks. Now I have a bike for summer and Ricardo and I can go biking again. Joy!!


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