When Paper Planes Fly…

Before the sun went down last night, Ricardo and I headed to the beach for a paper airplane show down. I didn’t have my camera so I had to resort to Ric’s phone. We came equipped with two planes each…Ricardo named both his planes “Viper”… (he names them all Viper). I came with “Hearts of Fire” and “Groovy.”

We’re just a few blocks away from the beach and I forget how lucky we are to live so close to it sometimes. With Ricardo no longer needing to study on week nights, we’ve been coming up with fun things to do to get our minds off of work lately. So far…I hold the high score for Domtris in our home. It was such a lovely and wonderful evening…

We were each allowed one interference. Hearts of Fire landed in the shrubs and Viper I landed on a bench. Don’t even get me started on Groovy…she was quite a disappointment.

In the end….I called it a tie, but Ricardo said Viper took the win by one. I think we’ll use a judge for the next show down so until then…


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