Obsession – Game 1

I think it’s been made very clear…The Lakers are Ric’s obsession, not mine. BUT by the forces of nature…I have also become slightly obsessed. So obsessed that I registered us as club members for Power 106FM in hopes that Big Boy would call our names on the radio station this morning at 7:25 am because Ron Artest was giving away his tickets for tonight’s game. Unfortunately…our names were not called.

It’s sad to think that our obsession could have sent us both on a one week Hawaiian vacation right about now…but this would probably go for a lot of things like people who are obsessed with eating out, electronic gadgets, car stereos, etc.

I have a pretty good sense of how much Laker tickets go for since I do some heavy scouting before buying. Not only do I belong to every ticketing agency out there, I use to even “know a guy.” Imagine that? Me? Know a guy…and then I lost his number and didn’t feel so cool anymore. When we attend games, I would point out to Ricardo where we could have sat had we wanted to pay more. I know what section the band plays in and we definitely don’t want to be there. I strategically buy tickets in certain rows and imagine us having season tickets when we’re old and retired. In any case…tonight’s tickets are a hot item and just to see how much courtside tickets were going for…we looked them up:

Wow…and that’s just for ONE ticket…


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