Graduation + Navarro Weekend

For the last six days, I have been with the Navarro family morning, noon, and night. I love Ricardo’s family…I really do, but spending this much time with anyone’s family is exhausting. I’m glad we were able to do this nonetheless since it’s rare that they can visit Long Beach. We spent Thursday and Friday at graduation and visiting the beach. We’re all so proud of our little BIG graduate. He was pretty excited too!

Everyone left on Thursday, but Ricardo’s sister and niece decided to hang out with us until Saturday. We were planning to be in SLO for Memorial Weekend and this worked out perfectly so we took them back to SLO with us. Katy was in town on Friday so we picked her up and spent the morning kayaking while she paddle boarded. She’s such a trooper..she didn’t fall down once…I was very impressed! We picked our favorite million dollar homes in the Huntington Harbor and after 2 hours of working out our arms…we called it quits. What a weekend! Getting home yesterday wasn’t too bad since we left pretty early…but boy…it sure feels nice to be home! Hmm…time to start making plans for this weekend!!


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