Felted Tarts – Wedding Ring Pillows

When I asked BFF Becca last year to make my ring pillow, I knew she would deliver. She made us an amazing pillow that sparked an interesting idea. Her etsy shop, Felted Tarts, launched this past weekend and I was completely….scratch that….beyond smitten when I saw her site. We worked together on her banner and assorted avatars making it all come together, truly reflecting her style and sweet self. I just made her those labels last week and I can’t believe they’re now gracing her cute packaging. I would like to quit my job to be her shop assistant…hmm….that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

I wish I could have given her shop 100 hearts!! If you would like to heart her shop…please visit it here: Felted Tarts Etsy Shop. She also makes these really cute “tartlets,” little flower doodads…a miniature version of her felted flowers to pin on your bags, jacket, hair, etc. I actually just received one from her the other day so maybe I’ll try modeling it for you sometime this week. Congratulations Becca on a most amazing and beautiful shop…I wish I was getting married all over again so I can place an order!


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