The Cutest House…

I love this house!! I want this house. Our little one bedroom abode in Long Beach can no longer support us and our things. I would LOVE a front porch, an office, a washer/dryer, extra storage space, stainless steel appliances, a backyard with a deck for summer night bar-b-que’s…and this place has it all. But more than anything…I would love this home to be ours.

It’s quite perfect isn’t it? Everything you could ask for…it’s in a GREAT neighborhood and beautiful street. We took a detour route running errands one day and when I saw this craftsman bungalow house with a “for rent” sign on the yard…my heart just melted. The rooms are really small (think 10 x 10), but we have two of them and I can totally make that work. The owner was really nice and Ricardo and I have been talking about an upgrade for a while and this just seemed so perfect.

Alas…the rental cost was not perfect. At only 720 square feet…the owner is looking for $2,100/month. This made it a little less attractive, but 3 days later and I’m still thinking about how cute it is. How will I ever let this one go?


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