Graduation Adornments…

You know I have to adorn the hubby with some celebratory accessories!! I really didn’t want to reserve a lei for him at the local Ralph’s grocery store so I called around and found this cute little Hawaiian floral shop in Costa Mesa and placed my order last week for three lei’s. I went to pick up the lei’s this afternoon and I felt like I was transported back to Hawaii again. These two sweet Hawaiian ladies run the shop and you can tell every hand-made creation was made with so much love. I feel wonderful that I was able to support their small business in exchange for the most beautiful Kukui Nut Lei I have ever seen. Isn’t it amazing?

I also got him a single orchid white lei and a ti-leaf lei to hang around his neck. Hopefully he won’t be too overwhelmed and think it’s cheesy? I’m so excited for Ricardo’s graduation, I can’t hardly stand it. I have a secret to share with you. Ricardo and I have lived in 4 different homes together and every time we’ve moved…he would find my diploma and ask me why didn’t I have it framed so we can put it up somewhere. We’ve never had an office so besides that…I’ve had no desire to frame it. It’s actually still in the envelope it was mailed in 5 years ago in one of our drawers I’m sure. Then he asked me again when we moved to Long Beach…so I told him that I would put it in a frame when he received his diploma so that way, we could put them both up. He told me to go one without him and just put it up because the idea of finishing college seemed like light years away, but I refused. I can’t believe the day has finally come…and I’m so filled with joy, all I can feel is happiness.

Ricardo will be the first one to graduate from college in his family tomorrow night so there are no words to tell him how proud I am of him. In fact…this will be the first college graduation his family has ever attended. To beat the odds and do something no one in his family has ever done before is quite an amazing feat. There have been hurdles…high ones too, but when it got tough…he kept going. I feel like there’s a greater sense of accomplishment when you graduate at 27 vs. when you’re 21 so if you can imagine…this has been a long ride for the both of us! Let the celebration begin…


One thought on “Graduation Adornments…

  1. amartz says:

    Those look great! Congrats to him!

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