Sunday Brunch

My good friend Tim and his lovely lady Diep were in town for a wedding this past weekend and we were able to join them and some other friends for brunch before their long drive back to San Jose on Sunday.

i love this photo of them!

Diep and I are total foodie fanatics. Although, I don’t know if we like critiquing it as much as we just like eating it!! Baffled about where to go for brunch….we played a little game. A few weeks ago, I picked out about a dozen or so restaurants in the LA area and I sent them her way. We decided to each remove one restaurant from the list going back and forth via email until one was chosen, but she was nice enough to trim down the list to half in round one. As we played ping pong email, my favorite response she gave for one restaurant who didn’t make the cut was, “…although the menu looks good, the webpage did not have nice ambiance.” Ahhh….a woman after my own heart…I too am very fond of AMBIANCE!!!

Then before you knew it…we were down to 3 options, but only ONE served spicy bloody mary’s (for our men) so then it pretty much became an easy choice…Griddle Cafe it was! We were seated in the back of a private, dimly lit room (speaking of ambiance) and when the food came…we dug right in. Warning…the pancakes are HUGE, but everything was quite tasty. I wish I had photos to share…Timmy, where was your camera?

yum, i had the nutella french toast (photo from yelp)

It doesn’t take much to make Tim happy so we made sure him and Diep had some snacks for their long drive back…I only hope he was nice enough to share. We had a great time and some good laughs learning about:

  • Ricardo’s celebrity crush…it has been revealed
  • Celebrities we’ve run into…
  • Tim’s big adventure in SF this year…we’ll be watching
  • Why MMA fighters wear such tighty whities when they fight…I still don’t think I know why?
  • The LA air and how it’s thrown Tim off being here for the weekend (even though he was still in the same time zone)

We don’t get to see friends too often so it was really nice this weekend to make that happen, even for a short while. Anyone else want to come visit? Or even better…tell me about your celebrity crush?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

  1. diep says:

    thank you for coming to meet us. great choice on the griddle cafe– too bad my pancake was the size of a macbook. It was great seeing you guys and learning about ricardo’s celebrity crush. I heart her too :)When you come back up north, we need to do another brunch excursion.

  2. Tim says:

    This is by far the funniest thing i’ve read in at least 2 weeks… the LA air did throw my internal clock off.. but right when i got home. all was good and back to normal!!! thank you so much for the goodie bag.. perfect compliment to a long drive. 🙂 take care ang!!!!!!

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