Introducing Seafoam Safari on Etsy!

Did I ever tell you about the first gift I gave Ricardo when we moved to Southern California? We had no friends so we went to the beach every weekend for long walks early in the morning. This turned into garage sale hunting and he would tell me stories about how he would hide things in his yard, but would never be able to find them again and how much he enjoyed doing that. He also spent his summers in Mexico and you pretty much spend your time treasure hunting with your friends around the country side. So I bought him a metal detector. We woke up at 5 am one day to start our adventure, but all we ended up finding were a couple of AA batteries. What a disappointment! Since then…we’ve stuck with visiting local garage sales and vintage shops.

I’ve been busy these past few weeks working on a special project that’s finally complete! It all started with a vintage fan that Ricardo found at a garage sale and has been anxiously waiting for me to sell on Ebay. I actually really like the fan so I’ve been holding onto it for dear life the past few months. It’s too cute to sell on Ebay, so I thought to myself…how about I open an Etsy shop? He was all for the idea, but I couldn’t have just ONE fan for sale. So I thought…hmm…I have a few extra vintage hankies from our wedding, picked up some more extra hankies, a mini collection of crates that I love for storage, and other miscellaneous items. Then I thought about some things I can maybe do for print and design and before you knew it…Seafoam Safari was created. I’m sure it will slowly continue to evolve, but until then…I’d love it if you would visit my shop and if you’re in the mood, please feel free to heart it!

I’ve only been open for a few days, but have managed to make a few sales. The Etsy community is amazing…I haven’t done much, but some of my items have already been posted on various blogs and treasuries. Thank YOU so much for the lovely mention…I really appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Seafoam Safari on Etsy!

  1. meg says:

    Oh, Ang! You are truly amazing! You’ll be the next etsy titan! Can’t wait to see your shop grow.

  2. meg says:

    p.s. LOVE your banner and the name of your shop

  3. MELI MEL says:

    Great minds think alike! After cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago I decided to start selling my stuff on ebay and started posting a bunch of stuff since then – though have thought about doing an Etsy shop too! It’s so much fun.

  4. Jasmin says:

    Cute name, cute banner, cute shop!!! It’s so cool.. def a favorite on etsy!

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