More Than Just A Game…

Attending a Lakers game is not just attending any game, it’s complete entertainment!! My favorite part is when the guys are walking out of the locker rooms into the arena. They say a prayer, the music starts going…and a legacy montage video projects onto this really neat rotunda canvas. When it’s over…the canvas drops and the crowd goes wild every time!

Elliott Yamin from American Idol sang the anthem for this game. We saw the Jabbawockeez perform at half time another year…so as you can tell…it’s a star studded event and I’m always keeping an eye out for the usual attendees. We’ve spotted Denzel, Leo, David Beckham…and of course Jack at previous games. This time when we looked down to the court sidelines…we saw some of our most favorite people!

Dee and Mac are married in real life and I think it’s so funny that Danny Devito is sitting right between them…she’s a good woman.

It was a great game and a fun night! Always a good thing when your favorite team wins the game. For all the women who are with sport obsessed men…you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? When there’s a loss…the car ride home is silent or the t.v. is turned off even before the game clock ends. There shall be no mention of the team, it’s loss or the other team that won. There are curse words, tantrums, upsetting hand flying motions, and our men go to bed with anger in their hearts. Gee…it’s quite unhealthy when I put it this way. Have no worries, they usually just need a few hours to cool off and all is back to normal. In any case…it’s a bad situation when your team loses.

But when they win…it’s a celebration and even though we JUST saw the game, ESPN is still on and our men are committed to watching every playback and listen to every commentator say their piece. It’s also the first thing you turn on in the morning to hear more about their victory! {SIGH}…there could be worst things our men could be obsessed with, right?

As the crowd chants, “WE WANT BOSTON!” on our way out…I’m just happy because Ricardo is happy. We reminisce about his junior college days all the way home laughing about the silliest things and what we should do next? The adventure begins!


One thought on “More Than Just A Game…

  1. MELI MEL says:

    haha star studded — what about the asian lady always sitting courtside at EVERY game! haha

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