The Final Exam + Surprise Celebration

As I dropped Ricardo off at the library at 5 am this morning…we both looked at each other and we couldn’t believe this road was coming to an end. I think most people don’t realize that Ricardo’s been a student the entire time I’ve been with him. Many assume that he’s been working on his Master’s degree…including my dad, but really he’s been working hard just to finish his Bachelor’s degree. I didn’t know where he would go with school when he started working so I am very proud of him today that he’s managed to do both and do it very well the past few years.

Being in a relationship while one person is in school and the other isn’t has many challenges. EVERYTHING revolved around his school schedule which included vacations, weekend activities, seeing friends, dinners, getting married, honeymoon, etc. It takes a great deal of patience, understanding, love and unending support from both parties to get through such a hurdle and I’m not sure how to explain the feeling of relief now that that this will be another thing checked off our list.

Ricardo’s last FINAL is today folks. Okay…so maybe this won’t be his last exam ever because he might go on to grad school and is heavily considering his CPA license,  but in any case…he will need something to get him by. For Ricardo’s graduation gift, I decided to get him a quality leather laptop/briefcase. We were in search for something understated, that will hopefully last for years, and looked semi-professional.

I think men are very particular about their accessories so this was something he wanted us to pick out together, but I had already picked one out and had a feeling he was going to love it. I wanted him to wait, but of course he had to see it when it came in the mail so I let him have it. Ricardo has returned many things I’ve given him throughout our relationship…but this one came early and looks like it’s going to stay. It has a ton of awesome compartments…(I LOVE compartments) and it goes with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to work clothes. Perfection!

Since he received his graduation gift a little early, I wanted to also give him a “WooHOO…you’re done with college SURPRISE!!”  What better way to celebrate than doing something he loves…scratch that…is OBSESSED with? He has no idea, but after he finishes his last and most difficult exam today at 4:45 pm, we’re off to see the Lakers play for Game 2 of the Western Conference Series vs. the Phoenix Suns! I have his Lakers shirt in hand and he’ll probably be wearing his hat already. Hmm…I might even have a $9 beer to celebrate tonight! For some reason…this surprise never gets too old.


2 thoughts on “The Final Exam + Surprise Celebration

  1. meg says:

    yay for ric!! wish him congratulations for me!

  2. MELI MEL says:

    Craig is crying now he’s so jealous haha. I had to share this post with him because as you know, he’s a die-hard Lakers fan. Haha. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are an AWESOME girlfriend!

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