Yellow + Black {Like A Bumble Bee}

Yellow and Black…those are the colors of Long Beach State University. While Ricardo was studying for his finals this past weekend at the library…I decided to make some welcome bags for his family. There’s been a change of plan so instead of driving down, we decided to put them all on an Amtrak train to relieve the stress I sensed his Dad was having from trying to figure out the transportation problem. That way…no one has to drive and they can have a relaxing ride all the way down to Southern California. I didn’t quite finish my weekend project…so maybe I’ll try to wrap things up this Saturday.

Bumble Bee Snack Packs for the 2 hour Graduation Ceremony and Munchie Gift Bags for the Hotel Room + Long Train Ride Back:

And since it’s a little drab here in Irvine, I decided to spend my lunch crafting. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out so maybe I’ll post some photos up when I’m done if they look okay…crossing my fingers. More often than not…I have craft ideas that don’t turn out quite as I pictured them. We shall see…


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