Web Chatting with Sprout

I played catch up with Joel and Jasmin via video chat last night because I really wanted to see baby Sophia. She’s so big…and so cute! I wanted to reach into the screen and squeeze her cheeks! While mama Jazzy was trying to make Sophia laugh behind the scenes…I stole some  screen shots! The Canlas family was watching Dancing with the Stars, Sophia pooted twice, and I was counting down the days until I could see her next!
Ricardo says she looks like a Chinese princess…I have no idea where he got that from. I think he was trying to say she doesn’t look anything like her parents, but what does he know? Then he talked about baby mishaps in the hospital and how he was going to bring a sharpie to mark our babies when they arrive. I think he’s been watching way too many 60 minutes, but if he wants to mark our babies and doesn’t get punched by a nurse trying…then he can have at it all he wants. See you soon Sprout!


One thought on “Web Chatting with Sprout

  1. meg says:

    just about the cutest little baby ever. Joel better watch out when she grows up!

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