Ring Dishes

When I was engaged, I told myself I was never going to take off my ring. And I really honestly believed that…I wasn’t going to take it off when I showered, did the dishes, cleaned the house, etc. I was going to be that person that didn’t care what I did…that ring was never coming off! And then reality set in one day when I looked down and my ring looked so pitifully dull and dirty. I dipped it in some jewelry cleaning solution and then remembered the tips our jeweler gave me. Why I didn’t listen to her then…I have no idea:

  • Take your rings off before taking a shower
  • Refrain from wearing your rings while applying lotion (this is a big one)
  • Take your rings off while doing the dishes
  • Refrain from wearing your rings while in contact with household cleaning supplies
  • Take your rings off at the end of the day when you wash your face

What bothered me the most was where does one PLACE their rings when they’re removed. I’ve heard horror stories about women losing their engagement ring because they took them off for just “one second” and poof, they’ve disappeared. I even saw a “LOST ENGAGEMENT RING” sign up at Newport Beach one summer. Can you imagine the heartbreak? I needed a plan and went on a hunt last year when I came across these two cute knick-knacks on sale at Anthropologie making them the perfect ring dishes. One belongs in our kitchen and the other in our bathroom. Problemo solved…perfect aren’t they?


2 thoughts on “Ring Dishes

  1. ConnoisseurCat says:

    hehe..my ring is so banged up already that i have to take it off….i try to take it off once i get home…my ring holder is a shotglass

  2. aLi. says:

    I always take my rings off and put them in my pockets while I wash the dishes, or I use a little knick knack container and put it in a drawer by the sink so it’s safe … then at the end of the night before I go to bed, I put it in a little ceramic Japanese dipping bowl, so I always know where it is. But the hubba’s ring? That a different story! I find it everywhere! 😛

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