Before & After: Lavender + Sea Green

I was afraid the paint Lexi chose were too pastely and her room was going to end up looking like an Easter egg. When we arrived, there was no turning back…these were the colors she really wanted. I wish I had a photo of her old room, but the room was completely empty when we came in Friday night. Basically…everything she had in there were things she had when she was a baby so everything you see below is kind of new…you’ll see some recycled things as well.

Onto the photos:



The paint turned out really cute. (p.s. a fresh coat of paint can turn any room around). She chose Lavender and Sea Green from the Martha Stewart Collection. Remember that chandelier? I know, I know…it’s from our wedding. I wanted to save it for my future nursery, but until then…I figure Lexi can have it for her room. I attached a hanging light bulb and turned it into a lamp.

Now onto the other side:



In the end…it turned out to be her “dream room.” We put up shelves and a full length mirror on the wall you see to the right and left some room for her dresser when she gets one. Until then…our work is done.

I think everything in life should be affordable so this room didn’t really cost us as much as I thought. I slowly collected items for the last 3 months from various places and everything really came together beautifully. Lexi’s mom bought the new bed and paint so we pitched in for everything else:

Bedding: $35 + $21.00 (comforter found on clearance at Marshalls and sheets on sale from Khols)
Bieber Frame: $10 (Marshalls)
Peace & Love Wall Decoration: $10 (Marshalls)
Magnetic Strip: $0.50 (Ikea on clearance…I wish I had picked up some more)
Desk: $20 (Ikea)
Chair and Cushion: $5 $15 (chair was found at a garage sale that I repainted and cushion was from Pier 1)
Curtains and Rod: $25 + $3 (Cost Plus and Target)
Owl Pencil Holder: $10 (Anthropologie on clearance)
Wall Shelves: $6 (misc. boards found in AS IS at Ikea)
Full Length Mirror: $5 (Target)
Miscellaneous Decor: $15
Recycled Items (Cork board, Wall Hooks, Cube Shelves, Stereo, and Pennant Flags): $0

Total: $165.50


One thought on “Before & After: Lavender + Sea Green

  1. Melissa says:

    you did a fabulous job!

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