Bieber Love

I really had no idea who heart-throb tween craze Justin Bieber was until our niece Lexi told us about her obsession and we found “Justin Bieber and his puppies” pictures printed from the internet plastered all over her room.

For her room makeover, I was thinking about getting her a poster. Every girl has a poster of their tween crush in their room right? Well…I thought about how her tween crushes might change over the next few years so I made her this instead:

This way…she can replace her crushes as needed throughout the next few years. We’re going to paint, decorate, and play all weekend in San Luis Obispo. Why isn’t today Friday?


2 thoughts on “Bieber Love

  1. Jasmin says:

    I didn’t know who he was either! I only found out about him because my cousin is one of his backup singers lol.

  2. meg says:

    thought the song “Baby” was a girl singing about her lesbian lover. Then I realized it’s just a pre-pubescent boy (Justin Bieber) with a high voice that sounds like a girl. haha. I thought maybe Justin was just pronounce justine. haha.

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