Having A Niece…Yay!

Yay…my brother and his wife are having a girl!! They’re not telling us the name until she arrives in August, but nonetheless…I’m still excited! My dad is so thrilled, he called me this weekend to tell me his favorite names for baby girls:


(from Gone with the Wind, his favorite love story)


(a shortened version of his favorite name)


(I’m not sure where this one came from)


(he has a thing for “q’s”)

He’s going to be such a wonderful grandpa! When I asked him for his top boy names…he said, “Why would I be thinking of boy names if I’m having a granddaughter?” Good thought Dad. In any case…we’re all excited. He’s loved the name Scarlett for so long…ever since I was little, he would tell me if my mom had another girl, her name would have been Scarlett. So I wondered why he just didn’t name me Scarlett, but I have a feeling he loved my name much more and still yearns for “Scarlett.” You should hear how he says it out loud…it’s very dramatic, which makes it so strange. I don’t think my brother will be naming his daughter Scarlett when she arrives, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. And to be honest…I don’t have the heart to tell him that I’ve never seen or read Gone with the Wind. Maybe I’ll add that onto my Netflix one of these days.

p.s. He has the best HAT collection of everyone I know. My favorites are his Kangols.


One thought on “Having A Niece…Yay!

  1. meg says:

    haha. I chuckled when i read the “shortened version of his favorite name” heehe.

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