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If there’s one tour you must go on when you visit, you must go on Scott’s Pizza Tours. Although Scott considers this more of a support group for pizza lovers and people with pizza obsession from all walks of life, call it what you want…it’s one of the best tours I’ve ever been on. We visited 4 different pizzerias, charming in their own special way and completely different. It was especially fun when the owners came out to chat with us…now I know where the characters from the Soprano’s were developed.

There was a big yellow bus, a goodie bag filled with chocolate to cleanse our palates, an emergency pizza gummy to hold us over in case we went through withdrawals and a notebook to jot down our pizza reviews. I tell you…this was a must do! I mean…Scott even carries a pizza delivery case backpack…you can’t go wrong! His enthusiasm for pizza is unreal and unending knowledge makes him quirky, yet so lovable.

Someone on our tour asked Scott where he would take a HOT, HOT date for pizza. Someone also asked him where he would go for pizza after being released from prison for 2 years, but we’ll stick to the date one. He said Grimaldi’s below the Brooklyn Bridge because it has great pizza, there’s an ice cream shop next door, and the most beautiful view of the Manhattan Skyline at night.

So for our last night in NYC…Ricardo and I went to Grimaldi’s. Hands down…one of our most favorite date nights! It’s a small family owned pizzeria and the owner Joey was a no nonsense kind of guy. He sat down right next to us for dinner and we had such a great time chatting with him. “No strollers allowed inside” is a big rule for these small places…you’re pretty much shoulder to shoulder when you eat in New York, but we didn’t mind at all. Yum…I’m craving for a slice right now.

I know this is mostly all about pizza, but here’s a quick run-down of all our good eats:

Cafe Habana | Corn is a MUST!!

Halal Cart on 53rd & 6th | Ric wasn’t impressed, I might have liked it more after a night of debauchery and dancing.

Amy’s Bread | Olive bread and sandwiches are all winners.

Caracas Arepas Bar | Completely worth the one hour wait, Sangria is a must order.

Carnegie Deli | A one time sodium overload, but worth the trip. Sharing is more than enough.

Union Square Farmers’ Market | I LOVE Famers’ Market so I’m a little biased. Not as good as San Luis Obispo’s Thursday Night Farmers’ Market, but still fun to visit

Heartland Brewery | Great place to reset/take a break with some New York beers.

Pop Burger | Perfect slider burgers if you’re looking for a quick lunch.

Brennan & Carr | Famous for their beef dips…totally worth the trek to Brooklyn.

Serendipity 3 | The only place I go to for dessert when I have a sweet tooth. Have a sundae or the frozen hot chocolate!

Bar Americain | Skip and go to Mesa Grill if you LOVE Chef Bobby Flay. Food was just mediocre.

We really enjoyed every single pizzeria we visited!! I’m not really good at food reviews since I just like to eat so here’s a list of pizzeria’s we visited:

You don’t even have to tell me twice. Back to the gym we go this week…


One thought on “New York City | Tasty Travels

  1. connocat says:

    ooh. yumm!!
    really, you didn’t like the halal cart?…that was my 2nd fave to benjamin’s steakhouse.

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