New York City | Things We Did

The Natural History Museum is such a neat place isn’t it? We spent hours here. I forget what floor the interactive video screen was on, but it’s so awesome to be able to send a video to your family and friends during your visit. I do know it was on the same floor as these guys:

There’s no way to see everything on one visit, but we tried our best. I loved the history behind everything and how the museum told each story. We left a few hours later when our feet started to ache and tummies started to grumble. We will definitely be back…

Ahh…the David Letterman Show. You’re placed on a waiting list when you sign up for tickets. They actually called us the first day we got in and asked us if we were still in town, but to get the tickets…I had to answer a question with no help from Ricardo. I totally did not get the answer right so they asked me to put Ricardo on the phone and thank goodness he answered the question right.

We were able to attend the taping Monday night…it airs tomorrow (Friday) and I think we might have made an appearance since we were sitting in the 4th row, center stage. Great seats I tell you!! I was so excited when they announced, “Performance by She & Him.” I had just read all about this dynamic duo in one of those city magazines they leave in your hotel room…surely you’ve seen or heard of Zooey Deschanel, actress/singer/songwriter. She was so cute in person and I’ve always loved her voice.

The UFC fight was a lot more fun that I thought. I just love the hype of it all when you’re there. Fighters say a little prayer before they enter the ring, the grand opening is quite heartwarming and gut wrenching at the same time…and they hug afterwards. That always gives me a warm fuzzy because it just shows what great sportsmanship they have.

We met up with Karen for lunch and the Brooklyn Flea one Saturday. The Flea…was a little disappointing. I managed to snatch up some fun accessories, but still…not as good as I imagined. I have no pictures from this day…I promise I will get better at this. I won’t bore you with any of our other tourist activities, but I did ask Ricardo if he could see himself living there and surprisingly so…he said yes. Hmm…you never know I suppose.

Next up…our foodie adventures…


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