New Obsessions…

Hmm…about my latest obsessions. Let’s see…how about we start off with my wardrobe? I use to be so brazen with my fashion choices, but over the past few years…I’ve strayed away from fun prints and colors. My closet is filled with solid cardigans, tanks, skirts, tops, etc. I like accessories so maybe that’s why I’ve collected so many dull apparel wear lately, but still…I’m hoping to add more color and sass this year to my closet.

Clear Nail Polish instantly gives your hand a quick manicured look so I’ve been painting my nails alot lately.

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Gummy Tummies? They’re delicious…and they come in fun shapes. We had heart ones for Valentine’s Day, they always carry the penguin ones…and right now the have bunny ones for Easter. Just picked some up for airplane snacking!

To say I’m obsessed with Ricardo graduating this year is an understatement. I’m beyond excited…I’m already planning a party at his favorite Mexican restaurant in Long Beach when his family comes. It’s only 2 months away, but Ricardo is pretty nervous about it all. He just wants it to be done with already and the mere word gives him so much anxiety, I’ve been banned from saying it in the house…we refer to it as the “g” word.


One thought on “New Obsessions…

  1. aLi. says:

    i love gummy tummies! sooooo good. the valentine’s ones were delish, i love the true cherry flavor inside. mmmm. note to self, pick some of these up!

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