Yummy Weekend Recap

We woke up to pounding rain on Saturday morning. Since we were planning to volunteer, we needed to get up early and be in LA by 9 am. Since Ric operates on coffee and can’t be powered without breakfast…I got us up super early to head out. I went back into the bedroom to grab something when I walked into this:

Poor thing…he looks so sad with his frown. I think I’m going to fix that this weekend and turn his frown upside down. More on why his right paw is wrapped up later!!

So we head out to a diner I quickly yelped the day before. Apparently, Nickel Diner in downtown LA was recently on Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives:

I had what Guy Fieri tried…the maple bacon donut. Yummmm….

After our volunteer shindig ended, we headed over to Philippe’s, home of the original french dipped sandwich. We had never been before even though we had heard great things about this place. They’ve also been on the food network on more than one occasion and since we were in the area…why not. It was much better than I imagined…a must try for anyone visiting LA:

image from Austin on yelp

Hopefully more yummy weekends are in my future…


One thought on “Yummy Weekend Recap

  1. Tim says:

    what is up with the stuffed dogg.. HHAHAHA..
    BTw.. can you buy me some bacon donuts and mail them? thanks. HAHA

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