Brunch & Brushes {Berkeley, California}

Isn’t this the cutest theme ever? My dear friend Rosalind turned 27 this year (one day after Ric to be exact) and her birthday theme this past Saturday was Brunch and Brushes. The event was taking place in Berkeley so I flew up for the day to spend some time with her and my dear friend Melissa.

The plan was to have brunch and then head over to an art studio afterwards to paint pottery. I couldn’t think of a better birthday plan. Melissa picked me up from the Oakland airport and off we went to La Note Restaurant Provençal off Shattuck. Known for their breakfast dishes…we were able to sample all of their heavenly delights with everyone’s different orders.

I had their La Note Pain Perdu…aka…the Frech Toast w/ a hot chocolate. Yum…the backyard patio was a bit chilly, but the mimosas and heaters kept us warm. There was about 14 of us and there’s a group photo somewhere out there on facebook I’m sure, but these were the only ones I snapped:

Birthday girl Rosalind having a grand ‘ole time…why does she always look so flawlessly beautiful?

Then we headed over to Brushstrokes Studio, Inc. to get our paint on. I’ve always LOVED the idea of painting your inside cabinets even though people say no one ever see’s them, but can you imagine opening your cabinet doors to such a pretty surprise? We had the upstairs loft area entirely reserved for our party. We enjoyed some wine, cheese, and munchies while we painted:

Before & After…we made such a fun mess:

Melissa’s cute “love” themed mug and my boy mug for Ricardo:

Birthday girl working hard on her mug:

We stayed as late as we could and before you know it, we were off to the airport for me to come home. I loved catching up with Melissa on our car rides and seeing high school friends I hadn’t seen in years. To hear about old friends recently getting engaged, already married, and expecting children makes me think about how far along everyone’s come. Next year will be my ten year reunion and I can’t believe time has gone by that fast! I was afraid I would hear about friends hitting rock bottom or just being really unfortunate, but I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

I made it right on time for my flight and I was waiting in the plane ready for take off when I hear an announcement, “Is there a Mrs. Navarro passenger on this plane?” I looked up and it was Katy…that crazy woman. I’m once again embarassed on a Southwest flight.  She just came in from Salt Lake City, was passing by my gate and knew I would be on the plane so quickly checked in to say hello. I’m going to get her back one day!! In any case…this was probably one of the most fun day trips I’ve ever taken.

Happy Birthday Rosalind and thanks for inviting me to such a beautiful and creative birthday party! xoxo…


One thought on “Brunch & Brushes {Berkeley, California}

  1. Melissa says:

    thought you might be interested in this DIY given the cuteness of the colored shelves at brushstrokes:

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