Off to Sac Town…

Hopping on a plane later today for a mini weekend trip to see Tara and Becca tonight in Sacramento. Becca’s coming in from Portland so if you take us, a kickball league, and mix it all up with a pub crawl equals a great weekend…even with the rain and all. I’ll be back in time to watch the superbowl with the hubs so I’m leaving him to take care of a new member of the family…everyone…MEET RAMBO!

Okay…so he’s technically a place holder until the real Rambo comes around, but he’s just as cute. He should keep the hubs occupied and protected from intruders while I’m gone. I picked him up at Ikea the other day and he’s too irresistable not to love. Oh who are we kidding…he’s a plushie…ahh…we need a dog ASAP! Happy Weekend Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Off to Sac Town…

  1. Melissa says:

    that’s so awesome – you ladies are in a kickball league!?

  2. aLi. says:

    I highly recommend rescuing a dog. 🙂 Here’s to the search for the real Rambo!

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