The Big Blue Book…Part II

Happy Tuesday All! Moving on to part II of the Big Blue Book…I tried frantically to find a photo for our front cover and there’s ton to choose from so I quickly just dropped this one in. It’ll probably change later, but for now you can get an idea of how it looks like:

Again…how does one manage to save these things? I suppose everything was thrown into boxes when we were there the day after to breakdown. Although many frames went missing, I’m glad this one stuck around…

When Jenny had submitted our wedding to Style Me Pretty…I was pretty much filled with shock, awe and excitement. I had to do something with that right?

The strips with all the photos show the general view of the blog feature and the pockets hold these extra large index card like prints so you can easily read what was written about our wedding and all the nice things Jenny said. I know, I know…I went a little bonkers…

All our vendors sent us sweet cards and such. I seriously don’t remember doing this, but apparently I collected business cards from everyone. Go figure! My biggest tip…save everything! Just throw it in a box and you’ll be surprised…and happy with everything you actually kept after it’s all over. And if it’s not that exciting, then you can just toss it.

What can I say about our feature on Utterly Engaged? It was an amazing spread and I couldn’t bear to leave that out either. Since it’s an e-zine and there’s no real hard copy available, I printed out the cover of the issue, the table of contents, our section and saddlestitched this baby to make a mini book. This also went into a pocket…can you tell I loved making pockets?

This was followed by pages of our RSVP’s and photo booth pictures:

That’s it for now folks. I’m kind of at a stopping point and you won’t see part III for a while, but hopefully not too long. If you missed Part I…you can find it here:

The Big Blue Book Part I


One thought on “The Big Blue Book…Part II

  1. Jasmin says:

    Ang, you’re so crazy creative I love it! Where did you find all that pretty paper?

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