Accordion Books

I saw these amazing Good Stock accordion books in the blogosphere a looong time back…and knew I had to have them. Unfortunately…$175 for each book is out of my budget. I’m not sure what my budget is these days, but I just know I can’t afford these lovely treasures. In any case…Ricardo took one look at the accordion books and said, “You can totally do that hun.” Hmm…can I? He has so much faith in me…I’d like a set of five please…one each for:

  1. Bridal Shower
  2. Engagement
  3. Wedding
  4. Day After
  5. Honeymoon

And then store them in a cute handmade box!

Good Stock Bindery

Kim takes your favorite 15 photos and turns them into a beautiful piece of work. Do you know what’s even better? She color coordinates them with a fun back print and matching ribbon. I love IT!!! I’m not skilled enough to make them, but maybe I’ll attempt to do something similar this weekend. Especially with these fun graphic prints I found:


One thought on “Accordion Books

  1. meg says:

    Who are you kidding?! Of course you can do it! This should be a piece of cake for you.

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