Who doesn’t love classics?

I was just going to blog about this and Karen beat me to the punch :)! She’s a huge Jane Austen fan and lover of books…so I knew I had to send her one of these beautiful clothbound penguin classics for the holidays now that she’s in New York City. I can already picture her sitting at a cute, funky cafe and a most handsome intellect looks over and comments on her book. They strike up a conversation and before you know it, he’s taking her to undiscovered hot spots in NYC, they fall madly in love, join book clubs, attend poetry readings and live jazz concerts in the park. They’ll thank me at their wedding for bringing them together, appoint me as the “cool aunt” to their children and live happily ever after. I know I’m a dreamer, but you can’t tell me that’s not what you’re picturing too?

Between Sense and Sensibility vs. Pride and Prejudice, I was torn because these books are so darn cute. BUT…it came down to Mr. Darcy who we’re both in love  with in our dreams. I knew this was something she would love and appreciate! I would LOVE to have this entire collection in my library!

Speaking of fun gifts..this journal was PERFECT for my world traveling friend Melissa and all her wanderlusting ways! I snatched it up at a craft fair when I was in Portland a few months back and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect:

I still believe in the power of snail mail and how much joy that can bring my friends because frankly, no one sends mail anymore. Here’s a tip: Always carry stamps with you and you won’t have that excuse of never having any stamps. AND maybe make it a goal to send mail once a month to a close friend/family. Trust me…it’ll mean more to them than you think. Ahhh…the little things in life…


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