The Last 24 Hours…

I’m pooped. I wish today was Friday, but it’s only Wednesday. The last 24 hours have been a little exhausting to say the least. It felt non-stop and went a little something like this:

I woke up at 5:30 am and it’s carpool day so Ric and I both get ready to get into the office by 7 am. We carpool 3 days a week and he works 2 exits away from me so he drops me off and then continues on. By 4 pm, he picks me up and we head home to arrive around 4:40 pm. We quickly have dinner and then at 5:30 pm, he’s all packed up for his night class at 6 pm. I drop him off at school on my way to my pilates class. I get out at 7 pm and head home to rest. It’s 7:30 pm and I have to head upstairs to meet my neighbor Terry to pick up his keys so we can watch Juma (his cat) while he’s in Vegas for a few days. We chat until 8 pm or so and I head back to our apt. 10 minutes later I get a message from Ric that his class is out early since it’s the first day so I leave at 8:15 pm to pick him up from school since it’s raining and I don’t think taking the bus at night is a good idea…even if it is a short ride. We’re home by around 8:45 pm and since Entourage is now on Spike, we manage to stay up a bit, but called it quits at 9:50 pm. Whew…exhausted…I knock out until Ric remembers he needed to get work done and couldn’t sleep so he got up around 1 am as I tossed and turn because knowing that he’s up keeps me up too. Before you know it…it’s 5 am again. Uggghh….

After  I made us both some breakfast, I dropped Ric off at school for his 8 am class on my way to work and got into the office around 8:30 am. A little late and feeling sleep deprived, I still think today will be better than yesterday.

A lot of people ask us if we have one car, but we actually have two. Long Beach State charges $123/semester for a parking permit, but riding the bus is free and it’s only a ten minute ride so that’s primarily Ric’s transportation of choice. BUT…he usually takes a night class somewhere in there so I play chauffeur for the most part. Chit chatting with my friend Edmundo makes the time go by fast since Ric tends to get out at 9:45 pm on Tuesdays. I tell you…when this is all over, I might actually feel like we have normal lives.

Although…he does get to ride on this swanky hybrid bus:

May is fast approaching and he’ll be done before I know it. RELIEF! So we’ve been thinking about our next move and it’s scary yet exciting all in one. As much as I love Long Beach and Ricardo loves the Lakers, I think it’s time for a move back to the Bay Area by the end of the year. It’s been 10 years since I’ve last lived in the Bay Area…what if I hate it?


One thought on “The Last 24 Hours…

  1. Melissa says:

    you won’t hate it if you live in SF 🙂

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