The Big Blue Book…Part I

Here it is folks…the big blue book created with help from my Kolo Newport 12 x 12 album in Ocean. It weighs a ton and it’s not even all that complete yet, but I thought I’d start sharing it with you. It’s a compilation of everything from our wedding…and I mean that literally. Please excuse the not so good pictures. Taking photos of an album is pretty hard to do I learned…

The very first page:

Throughout our engagement, Katy consistently sent me sweet notes praying for our wedding planning and more importantly…our marriage. Her unending support and love meant so much to me:

How I managed to keep all these table name swatches is beyond me:

More details and details:

Cards, photos, and mementos from the bridal shower…I kept them all:

I made tons of pockets to slide mementos through because they had info on both sides or were too cute to glue down. A pocket below from one of the games we played…cute Jas was the winner (she knows us so well!):

Pages and pages of our FUN wish tags! I still laugh out loud every time I read these:

And this might be one of my most favorite pages! A fabric swatch from the girls JCrew dresses in Graphite Chiffon, a blushing bride button that Katy gave me to wear on the wedding day, a gocco printed cocktail napkin, and a photo of us all…


One thought on “The Big Blue Book…Part I

  1. tim says:

    wowza.. this book is ammmmmmmaaaaazing.. you are tooo crafty

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