Happy Monday…

Hello Friends and Happy Monday!! It’s been a long few days with rain and cold weather so there was lots of stayin’ in this past weekend. It was also Ric’s last weekend before starting spring semester, and hopefully his last. He has to crash two classes today so we’re crossing our fingers. It’s been a long time coming and when he’s done…I’m thinking about throwing him a HUGE BBQ/Partay with a taco cart! Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?

Ricardo said something last night about a “triple threat” that’s coming up soon. He so eloquently explained the events of mid-February when he saw my confused face:

  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day
  • February 15th: 6 month anniversary…we don’t celebrate “monthly” anniversaries, but it’s kind of fun to think about every 15th and sometimes you just can’t help it…especially your first year married. Plus…how awesome is it that our 1/2 year mark is the day after Valentines Day? AND…I can’t even believe he’s remembered.
  • February 16th: Ric’s Birthday

I didn’t realize how much fun Februaries will be from now on. I get spoiled, then we celebrate, then he get’s spoiled. Joy! I suppose it might be a little much, but still lots of fun.

I’m also very excited because I managed to sell all three of his texbooks last week for around $350 online! This will definitely help with his big birthday gift which he’s been hounding me about for the past few days..:) He told me his birthday wish was to find out what his birthday gift is before his birthday. That makes absolutely no sense to me so everyday I give him a Blues Clue, but this only frustrates him even more because he doesn’t like surprises. I tell him, “It’s not a surprise, it’s your birthday gift,” but I still don’t think he gets it because the idea of not knowing is driving him wild.

I think he’s hoping it’s a custom Waterfield Cargo Mambo Combo bag from SFbags.com that he’s been eyeing:

It’s not the most attractive bag so I’m not completely smitten with it. Actually…I’ve been trying to get him to think of more chic bags, but this man is more practical than fashionable. Maybe something like this:

I’d choose something more like this, but he’s not really a “color” kind of guy:

Ahhhh…unfortunately…this is not what he’s getting for his birthday…but maybe for a graduation gift?


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