Obsessions Lately

There’s been a few reports out there about weight gain after marriage and how your spouse can actually be the reason. Eeek….after our honeymoon…the lbs. were definitely fluctuating in the Navarro house. Ricardo’s been quite diligent with his workout regimen and with that comes a “lifestyle” change and our relationship with food. I know it probably sounds like we’re in Kindergarten, but for every day that we workout…we get a star on our workout calendar. Hey…whatever works right?

There are smelly shakes, calorie counting, lots of veggies and fruit, smarter choices, portion control, and so much more going on every day. You see…when Ric is determined…he doesn’t cheat and his influence is definitely rubbing off on me. Lately I’ve been obsessed with:

Chocolate milk is a tasty treat after a workout:

Granola and Trailmix are munchies we have while watching the game:

Edemame Beans…more so Ric’s obsession than mine:

Navel Oranges….yum:

Brown Rice…sometimes I mix in white rice:

And sushi…we have this place in Long Beach that we visit once a week! It’s good on the wallet and good on the waistline so that makes us happy.


One thought on “Obsessions Lately

  1. tim says:

    haha.. sushi is not that healthy.. unless you are eating it straight up sashimi.. no mayo or special sauce . etc.. haha.. that’s how i like it.. load it up!!! but another idea.. after dinner.. you guys should take a 30 min walk together.. 😛
    or wake up and start with some pushups.. you know. little things.. of course. i dont do any of this.. just tell other people to.. hahah
    i’ll start my new year regimen soon.. waiting for the gym to die out..

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