Odds of Having Twins…

The odds of me having twins are really slim. <insert sad face here>. We’re definitely not ready for kids, but the idea of popping out 2 in one pregnancy is so awesome to me.

From About.Com…

To increase my odds, I would need the following (go here for more details):

  • You (the mother) are over age 45.
  • You live in Massachusetts or Connecticut.
  • You take fertility drugs or undergo other fertility treatments.
  • You, your mother, or her mother’s mother is a fraternal twin.
  • You’ve already had one set of fraternal twins.
  • You’re Nigerian.
  • You’re overweight or tall.

Crud…the odds are so against me!! And then this little tidbit didn’t help either:

You’ll decrease your odds of having twins/multiples if…

You (the mother) are Hispanic or Asian. The 2001 study by the National Center for Health Statistics found that women of Hispanic origin were substantially less likely to have twins than white or black mothers. Among worldwide populations, the Asian countries of Japan and China have the lowest twinning rates, estimated at 1 in 150 and 1 in 300, respectively.

Holy smokies…not only am I unable to increase my odds, but I’m actually decreasing it by being Asian AND I married a Hispanic. There it goes…out the window. BUT…if JLO can have twins…I definitely have a chance, don’t you think? Shoot…I don’t know if she’s technically Hispanic, but this still gives me hope.


4 thoughts on “Odds of Having Twins…

  1. meg says:

    I have twins running in my family. There’s still hope for you! (Besides, in China, they only have one pregnancy which greatly distorts the statics because that will decrease the odds of women having twinnies!)

  2. Jasmin says:

    Haha I wanted twins too! If we had the boy/girl combo like JLo, I’d be done with pregnancy.

  3. meg says:

    Oh, Jasmin! You’re hilarious.

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