A Stolen Schwinn…

Sometime a few weeks ago when I came home from Portland…I noticed our front porch had something missing. Perhaps a pot I thought. Then in the middle of the night…I realized…someone stole my Schwinn. They cut the lock, removed it from our front porch and straight up stole my Schwinn. Although it was a little ricketty and racketty…it was still my property. A similar photo of what it looked like except it was Orange.

I know stolen bikes are quite common, but I can’t believe I was a victim. Where ever you are Schwinny…I hope someone’s enjoying you!


3 thoughts on “A Stolen Schwinn…

  1. aLi. says:

    the same thing happened to ryan’s bike — twice! someone stole it right from our porch (we live upstairs) and just ran off with it. then he had it locked up and someone cut the wire and took it with a whole bunch of other ones. i hope someone really needed a bike … we keep my bike on our patio so no one steals it. boo!

    • (ān'jelēk) says:

      Unbelievable isn’t it?? Yes…Ric’s bike is on a wall mount in our apt. since it’s worth more but I still can’t believe people do this. The nerve these people have…now I’m on craigstlist in case I see someone trying to sell it. 🙂

  2. […] Old Schwinny June 23, 2010 by (ān'jelēk) Remember last year when some jerk face stole my bike right off our front porch? I still don’t know who took it, but last Sunday…I received a […]

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