Another Kolo Album…In Mango!

After making these Kolo books for the girls…I spotted the exact same one in Mango and had to have it!

You see…one of Becca’s wedding colours was a burnt orange. The book isn’t quite as brightly pictured here, but you get the idea. While I was up in Portland, I copied all her photos onto my external hard drive. I quickly ordered photos from mpix and the album online since I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores and when it arrived…I scrambled to make sure it was complete and shipped to Becca’s mom before Christmas Day. I was in such a hurry, I didn’t have one minute to stop and take a photo, but below are some of my favorite spreads I laid out in InDesign. She wore a beautiful orange dress for her rehearsal dinner so it’s a mix of photos from her mini engagement shoot and rehearsal dinner captured by the wonderful and oh so charming Jenny: (click on spread for larger and higher resolution image)

To view the entire book in PDF, please feel free to click here!

*photos by: Jenny @ Alders Photography
**printing done by: mpix


One thought on “Another Kolo Album…In Mango!

  1. Jenny Smith says:

    you are the best friend EVER! What a great Christmas gift (and not just because it uses my photos). How personal and memorable! YUM!

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