He’s Mexican…Is That Questionable?

To those who know him…it’s quite obvious Ricardo is Mexican. BUT more often than not…people will assume he’s something out of this country…heehee…pun TOTALLY intended. He gets Middle Eastern ALOT (Iranian, Jordanian, Syrian, Indian) and Pacific Islander sometimes (Samoan, Guam, Filipino, etc.)…I can sometimes understand where people see the characteristics, but he just doesn’t get it. Ric doesn’t get offended, but he does get a little frustrated sometimes because he thinks it’s SUPER, COMPLETELY, OBVIOUS that he’s Mexican so he thinks he’s missing something when people can’t see the Latino in him. Watcha think…can he pass for something else?

photo from DanK


One thought on “He’s Mexican…Is That Questionable?

  1. meg says:

    I think he looks less Mexican when he’s with you. By comparison, I think you make him look middle eastern and/or south pacific. I think if he was with a whole bunch of other latin people, he’d look more Mexican. However, I’ve always thought he looked Mexican.

    Plus, his name is Ricardo. Unless they speak Spanish in India or Fiji, I’m pretty sure he’s Mexican.

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