Holiday Pet Peeves…

Some major holiday pet peeves that are buggin right now and I must confess:

  1. X-MAS…hmm…I prefer Christmas…that’s right…spelled out all the way. There’s something about replacing “Christ” with an X that seriously offends me so I did some research and found out via Wikipedia: The “X” in Xmas is from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of Χριστός, Christ in Greek. Does this make it better and okay? NOT QUITE…again…wiki states: “Xmas” is frowned upon in modern guides for writing styles. Style guides at the New York Times,[2] The Times, The Guardian and the BBC all rule out its use, where possible.[3] Millicent Fenwick, in the 1948 Vogue’s Book of Etiquette states that “‘Xmas’ should never be used” in greeting cards.
  2. “The First Annual…” Bake Off, Card Swap, Sweater Party…etc! I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately on the web, posters, t.v., you name it…I’ve seen it. The first thing I learned in Journalism 101 was “It’s Not Annual If It’s The First!” Again, some have argued: Some people get upset when the “first annual” occurrence of some event is announced, arguing that it doesn’t become annual until it’s been repeated. But “first annual” simply means “the first of what is planned to be an annual series of events.” I understand the concept and idea, but I’m still not quite sold.
  3. Parking Lot Stalkers at the malls, shopping centers, and grocery store. For the LOVE of mankind…did it ever bother anyone to park farther away and go on a nice walk? Get off my arse and stop asking me if I’m in this row! I feel bad for cars who follow me because I take them to spots with vast amount of parking spaces.
  4. Impatient Return Customers In Line: I always make an attempt to be cheery during the holidays toward retail sales employees because it’s hard and we’ve all been there and PEOPLE in general suck. I was in line for a return at Kohl’s and the lady in front of me threw the biggest hissy fit. She screamed out twice if another cashier was coming. She said she had been in line forever and this was ridiculous to not have enough people at the register. When she turned to me for some pity and was looking for me to agree, I rolled my eyes and pretty much gave her the finger by just looking at her. Speak for yourself lady…I can be patient waiting in line until it’s my turn and I’ll do it happily.
  5. I really wanted to have 5…but can’t seem to think of another one…anyone out there have any holiday peeves?

I know some people are irked by pets in holiday clothes…but if Ric gave me this for Christmas…I’d cry my eyes out:


One thought on “Holiday Pet Peeves…

  1. meg says:

    What a great post. My general annoyance is people who stand really close to you in line, as if standing really close to me will make them go through the line quicker. Annoying.

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