Little in Common…

I first have to put a disclaimer on this post that what I’m about to say is NO reflection on my relationship with Ricardo or if I love him less, not enough, wish there was another, or desire that he is something else. I love him just as he is…just wanted to put that out there.

Now on to what I wanted to talk about. Sitting around on a Saturday afternoon one weekend…I thought to myself…what do we REALLY have in common? Sometimes I feel like we don’t have much. I have many loves in my life…which he’s not particularly into, but he’s given them a chance. He doesn’t play any musical instruments while my dad made me take piano and flute lessons growing up. I love attempting to be creative; he would rather play thumb wars. I enjoyed snowboarding at one point, but he tried it and didn’t quite love it so that slowly fizzled. I LOVE to travel and want to do it now, now, now. He prefers to work hard and save so we can travel later like royalties instead of staying in hostels…which I respect, but fear we just won’t do. He loves oldies…and well…my music taste is all over the place and he can barely stand it hence the my car, my music rule! He likes calculating numbers, CNBC, NATGEO, The History Channel, NOVA on PBS, The Family Guy and I like GLEE, Tabitha’s Salon Take Over, and too embarrassing to admit guilty pleasures of all the housewives on Bravo. I enjoy golf, bowling, scrabble, kayaking, and hanging out at the hip cafe with live music. And well…he likes foreign exotic beers, playing pool, watching the game, and doesn’t think he’s hip enough to hang out at the hip cafe. So I’m telling him all this and at first we laugh…but then we tried to figure out why we work so well together with so little in common? Then he said something out of the blue after all our pondering…

“I know why we work!” He exclaimed. Then he sweetly said, “We work because you’re everything I’m not and I admire you for it.”

Sounds corny doesn’t it? It certainly sounded corny to me for the first 2.3 seconds then I realized he really meant it so corny turned into super sweet. He explained to me certain things I could do that he would never be able to do and he really loved me more for all those things that made me who I am. According to me…we work because no matter how crazy my emotions are, he’s right there next to me….always encouraging me to do more. He’s always supported me in my career (changes, second jobs and all) and when I have an idea no matter how small or grand…he’s right on board! We work because he’s the funniest man I know, the silliest when no one’s around, and the most hardworking person I’ve ever met. His curiosity about all things intrigues me. His intellect is overwhelming. And his heart is what wins me over day after day. We actually do have things in common so my exaggeration of “little in common” might have gone too far :). Do you ever look at a couple and think to yourself…”I just don’t get it.” I think sometimes you’re not suppose to and people work just because they do. There’s simply no explanation…

I enjoy the new experiences we share and I think that’s what married life is all about and really…what any relationship is all about. I know this post is strange and out of the blue, but I’ve had it going for a while…and just never finished my train of thought. Although…it would have been perfect for Valentines Day though huh?

p.s. Can you believe we’ve been married for 4 months today? Ahhh…how quick the time has gone.

p.s.s We had this whole conversation at Joel’s house if Ric reads my blog. His excuses responses were:

  1. He doesn’t know the link (although I’ve emailed it to him many times and can prove it) AND
  2. I’ve tried to hide it from him (sometimes I close the screen because I AM talking about him or a surprise, but I’ve never removed it from his laptop browser history like he thinks)

I honestly think he’s just not all that interested, which is great because it probably gives me more freedom to talk anything and everything without holding back.  Although…I look forward one day to him publicly leaving me a comment and then we’ll know…he’s probably been following me this whole time 🙂 …yeah right!


One thought on “Little in Common…

  1. Priscilla says:

    Thank you for the Christmas card. You are very thoughtful and I love reading through your blog. I wish I was more creative. Take care.



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